The effects of Covid-19 present challenges to organizations and institutions across society, including the Setnor School of Music. Although the effects are not entirely known at this time and are in flux as the pandemic continues, we know the ways in which we deliver on our core mission of providing a high-quality music education will be impacted. Yet, these challenges also create opportunities for Setnor to advance its commitment both to training 21st century musicians and to further differentiating itself among peer institutions.

In April of 2020, members of Setnor’s faculty met as part of the ad-hoc working group for Covid-19 to imagine how technology could be used to mitigate disruptions from Covid-19. In May the working group presented itsĀ Digital Strategy for Teaching and Learning to administration. The recommendations from this report were adopted, and software and hardware were procured.

Now that the fall semester has begun, we are working to implement these strategies and provide training for faculty and students. In the coming days we will be gathering information about the needs of faculty and students in order to efficiently distribute software and hardware. We are also in the process of producing training materials, including pages for each piece of technology and YouTube training videos, and scheduling technology office hours. This information will be available shortly.

Finally, because the pandemic will have a dynamic impact on our mission, this site will be updated regularly to include the most up-to-date information and resources.